Moonshots App

The next x100 crypto gem finder.


Currently running as a Beta version, Moonshots intends to incorporate hundred of tokens into its database for people to discover. Be on the lookout for regular updates that occur.

Easy Registration

A hassle-free registration is introduced to avoid both bots and spammers.

Future Development

The scope of this app will be enormous. The current set plans include an introduction to a 'NFT Marketplace' alongside a 'Minting' feature for your work. This will coincide with connectivity to the 'MetaMask' wallet via the app, granting infinite future possibilities.

Browse, Vote and View

Moonshots grants the ability for the user to browse its database for submitted crypto coins or tokens. With a voting feature implemented, tokens can rise up on the list to take the first spot as 'Top Picked' crypto. Each coin or token has connected live data for the user to view along with social links, detailed description and favourite button.


The primary feature of the current beta version.

Effective Marketing

Make your coin or token stand out with our promo feature.

Add coins and Promote

Every developer of a coin or token will have the ability to promote on the Moonshots App. Naturally, a verification process will take place before listing it to avoid scams and bots. With a successful verification, the option to promote the coin or token is granted.